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Elebbre offers an innovative and complete solution for the sale of your equipment

We put at your disposal our digital sales platform that combines the most advanced technology with a worldwide network of contacts, and targeted and multilingual marketing campaigns, presence on social networks and in the main specialised supports in the sale of equipment.

You will be accompanied throughout the entire sales process by our sales department, receiving personalised attention from the moment you decide to sell your equipment to its collection, offering you a turnkey service

Sell ​​your equipment with us in a simple way

1. Register

Register on our platform, be part of our Elebbre® network where you will have the market in your hands.

2. Contact our team

With the information about your equipment, our sales team will help you find the best deal for your machine.

3. Equipment Inspection

Equipment inspection. A certified executive will provide a detailed report of your equipment. If desired, the inspection carried out can be certified with Elebbre Assurance®

4. Marketing

Our marketing department will market your equipment worldwide.

5. Documentation, Payment and Billing management

Our operations team handles all the bureaucratic process for you and your company. No worries and with the guarantee of receiving the value of your machine immediately.

6. Additional Services

Improvements or Renovations, National or International Logistics, Import or Export, Insurance, Financing, etc.

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Do you have any questions?
Here we clarify them:

Elebbre® is the most innovative equipment sales platform in Latin America, it has a large inventory of equipment with Elebbre Assurance® inspection guarantee so you can buy with confidence, in addition to offering all the services related to the purchase, all on the same platform..

You have control at all times in the sale of your equipment, we accompany you in each process so that you have the best result.

We also offer all services related to the sale of your equipment.

At Elebbre® you can sell equipment for Construction, Mining, Transport and Agriculture.

Your area sales executive will walk you through the entire process. He will be your trusted person who will help you get the best results when selling your equipment.

Contact Us:
Phone: +55 11 29257668
Whatsapp: +55 11 9 8898 4795

Elebbre® has a highly experienced equipment evaluation department , always attentive to changes and fluctuations in the world market, in order to offer you the current market value of your equipment.

The period for selling your equipment will be around 8 weeks from the publication on our platform.

Any buyer interested in your equipment, be it a company or individual from anywhere in the world that has been validated and authorised by Elebbre®, avoiding companies with problems.

That’s right, one of our certified inspectors will carry out a detailed inspection and if you wish you can have the guarantee with our Elebbre Assurance® guarantee seal , then we will start marketing your equipment wherever you are, also offering all the additional services of that need.

It is not necessary, through the technology of our platform you can sell your equipment from your current location. One of our certified inspectors will carry out a detailed inspection and you want this to be guaranteed with our Elebbre Assurance® seal , after the inspection we will start selling your equipment wherever it is.

If you need to move your equipment for sale to a certified yard, we will put at your disposal one of our nearest certified yards.

Elebbre® has a network of certified professional inspectors with extensive industry experience who provide detailed reports on each piece of equipment so you can sell with confidence, there is no need for interested buyers to travel to see the equipment in person.

From our APP we also offer a virtual visit service to any equipment in our Marketplace.

All equipment sold on our Elebbre® platform must be inspected by one of our certified inspectors to confirm that the information provided in our inspection report is accurate.

This inspection is the detailed information potential buyers will have about your equipment, so any buyer from anywhere in the world can buy your equipment with confidence , without having to go check out the equipment you are interested in. The vast majority of inspections carried out are guaranteed with Elebbre Assurance® , which gives our buyers complete confidence .

From our APP we also offer a virtual visit service to any equipment in our Marketplace.

Our service department, together with our technicians, will evaluate the inspection report to better advise them, if necessary, on the improvements to be made in their equipment to obtain a better sales result.

In case you need any improvement, Elebbre® has a network of certified locations all over the world where you can carry out repairs, painting and reconditioning work, glass and tire changes, etc., all with Elebbre® quality and at the same time better price.

That’s right, Elebbre® can anticipate the costs of the services your equipment needs for a better sales result . These costs will be deducted after the equipment is sold.

For the marketing of your equipment , we will disclose the information and supervision guaranteed on our online sales platform, on our social networks and on specialised sales channels, in addition, we will carry out targeted marketing campaigns within our extensive network of contacts.

Interested buyers contact our sales team and they will automatically get in touch with you and pass along offers on your equipment.

You will be in control of the sale at all times, we will accompany you throughout the process from negotiation to delivery of your equipment to the buyer for a better service.

You will be accompanied throughout the sales process by one of our sales agents, you will receive direct and personalised service . Your agent will negotiate with the buyer on your behalf, getting you the best price, managing the entire payment and collection process. You will have control of the sale of your equipment at all times, managing the offers received.

Our administrative department will manage your payment, invoicing and any documents necessary for the sale of your equipment.

Your equipment must be delivered as soon as the buyer has made the payment and has completed the billing management and necessary documentation.

Our sales executive will accompany you throughout the entire process of delivering the purchased equipment. Before payment, one of our inspectors will check every piece of equipment you have sold to make sure everything matches the inspection reports. If everything is correct, we will proceed with the payment management and subsequent shipment of the equipment to your buyer.

Transporting the equipment once sold is the buyer’s responsibility.

Elebbre® offers the buyer all the Logistics, Import and Document Management services necessary for him to deliver his equipment where he needs it, we work with a network of logistics companies around the world to offer the best service .

Transporting the equipment once sold is the buyer’s responsibility.

A sales commission will be applied for each equipment sold, the amount of which will depend on the volume of the sales operation. Our sales executive will do a market study for the equipment you want to sell and will offer you our best sales commission rate and cost of inspections carried out by our certified professional inspectors.

Need to sell or renew any equipment? Please contact us, and we will offer you the best service.

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